Pittsburgh Celebrity Round the Galaxie

Pittsburgh Celebrity 'Round the Galaxie
1/13/2012 2:16:18 PM

The Washington Post recently named Pittsburgh as the "in" city for 2012, displacing (of all places) Portland. Yes, you read that right. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein better get some coats.

It seems our 15 minutes have arrived, but what the rest of the world is just realizing we natives have known for years. While everyone else was remembering "hell with the lid taken off", we were quietly building in cool.

And now we've got some of the best food, coolest parks, microbrews, bike lanes, entertainment, art, and of course MUSIC! The town that has historically produced big names in music continues with Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa recently ascending to stardom.

Mac Miller just gave a big nod to our pal and business "roomate", Jerrys Records, by naming a new song after the place: Jerry's Record Store. Looks like our Pittsburgh-based celebrities know where to get their records.

And these fellas know where to bring their turntables, too. DJ Bonics, the turntablist and beat master for Wiz Khalifa, stopped by Galaxie with his Technics 1200s. We got him all fixed up and those Tech 12s might be at work spinning the necessary beats as we speak (with our custom Galaxie slipmats on top, we hope!). Not bad, eh?