Galaxie Electronics is equipped to repair a variety of audio equipment and electronics. With over 30 years of experience to boot, we're ready to tackle your electronic issues, whatever their form.


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We are a small, family owned business. Your device is guaranteed to receive the technical attention it deserves. We understand that every electronic whole is the sum of its parts and as such, when we replace any components in your equipment, you can be sure that the replacement parts have been hand-selected by our master technician for optimal functionality in your machine.

When you bring your equipment to us, we will diagnose your device's issues. This is a thorough process in which we utilize diagnostic instruments capable of determining functionality at the component level. Once we've identified the issues, we'll create an estimate for the repair. And we stand behind our work: every repair is thoroughly tested before it is returned to you.

We repair vintage audio and antique equipment. We are collectors ourselves and as such, we understand the importance of attentive, detail-oriented service for such machines. For more information on antique and speciality repair, click the phonograph on your right!





DJs, are you getting distortion or an intermittent signal in Serato?
We can solve your audio signal problems! Getting a good audio signal is as important as having good equipment when it comes to your digital set. We have the tools to keep your digital workstation sounding squeaky clean – we'll make you sound like a pro in Protools, we'll make you sound able in Ableton, we'll make staying crisp in Cakewalk a, well, cakewalk….and so forth.

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