Galaxie Electronics is a family-owned and operated small business.

Our professional experience in electronics repair commenced over 30 years ago, but we'd already been doing this for fun years before that. We enjoy working with electronics, and quality service is a natural effect of our own interest in making things function properly.

Though we've gained particular recognition for our turntable service, we do indeed fix a very wide variety of electronics – a whole Galaxie's worth, in fact!


Long before the Galaxie began, there was a basement in Pittsburgh…

In this basement were many, many disabled electronics – some old, some new, some familiar and some bizarre. The electronics were tended to by a fellow who would come to be known around the area as "the Turntable Doctor" – a name given to him by a crew of Pittsburgh DJs, who often relied on him to get them spinning again (though, of course, turntables are not the only thing that he fixes!)
The Turntable Doctor repaired the debilitated devices in his basement as a hobby, progressively becoming more adept at restoring and rehabilitating those electronics as time passed. He had gone to college to become masterful at electronics repair,electing to make his passion his life's work.

Over time, the Turntable Doctor acquired diagnostic equipment, and then better diagnostic equipment, and tools, and then better tools. It wasn't long before he had inadvertently created his own fully capable repair lab.

And then the Turntable Doctor decided it was high time that he open his own electronics shop. So he did exactly that, and he decided to call it Galaxie Electronics.

He recreated his repair lab, bulked it up some, and began to welcome electronics of all kinds to his shop. He repairs what needs to be repaired and he sells what is sought after.

And here we are today.